Parker-Hannifin stock: buy or sell

PH stock price: $312.03 0.87% At close on Jul 30th, 2021

Updated on:
Aug 1st, 2021


Parker-Hannifin stock brief

  • Parker-Hannifin closed on Friday at $312.03 after merely changing a 0.87%.
  • Parker-Hannifin is presenting its earnings report on Thursday
  • Parker-Hannifin Corporation manufactures and sells motion and control technologies and systems for various mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets worldwide.

Should I buy Parker-Hannifin stock?

All successful traders recommend adhering to a trading strategy and not make decisions based on subjective opinions, rumors or feelings. Trading strategies are meant for helping you in the decision process of what stocks to pick and when is the best moment to buy them. At, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best

Is $PH stock a buy?

Currently, Parker-Hannifin stock matches one trading strategy:

ATH buy setup

All-time Highs is always an excellent buy point for those who like to buy high and sell higher. The good point of buying at all-time highs is that shares price doesn't struggle with upper resistances, and usually it scales rapidly. However, you must always be aware of a possible bulls trap that may trigger your buy order and then falls sharply. That's why a stop loss is so important. Price is now at 4.05% of all-time highs and it can breakout at any time, so if you want to trade this setup it's recommended to setup your order at $324.68. Set your stop-loss at $292.21

Buy setupBuy pointStop lossRisk
ATH buy setup$324.68$292.2110.00%

Should I sell Parker-Hannifin stock?

How to know when is it time to sell Parker-Hannifin?. In the same way as when we have to buy shares, deciding when is the best time to sell is not a capricious decision, and we must use our own trading strategy. When selling, as well as buying, our setups are very simple to use but are only valid for selling shares in your porfolio, not for selling short Parker-Hannifin stock

As a rule of thumb, you should not keep a trading operation that yields greater losses than those expected by the time of purchase. When to sell shares always has to be dictated by the stop-loss (automatic or manual)

Is it time to sell Parker-Hannifin stock?

Currently, Parker-Hannifin stock doesn't match any of our preferred sell setups, so if you hold Parker-Hannifin stock and your operation is in profit probably is not time to sell now

Parker-Hannifin ratings

In the previous month we couldn't find any rating for Parker-Hannifin

Parker-Hannifin stock analysis

SMAs overview

PH stock SMAs chart

Supports and resistances

The current resistance levels are:

  • R1: $313.61 (0.51% above)
  • R2: $314.64 (0.84% above)
  • R3: $322.74 (3.43% above)
  • The current support levels are:

  • S1: $304.48 (-2.42% below)
  • S2: $301.00 (-3.53% below)
  • S3: $291.92 (-6.44% below)
  • Bollinger bands

    Since the price broke down the lower band on July 19, the price bounced off by 9.01%. The price is trading very close to the upper Bollinger band, signaling some level of overbought in recent sessions. This is not a sell signal, as price can move in these levels for many days and weeks

    PH stock Bollinger Bands chart

    Relative strength index

    The RSI broke out the oversold line of 30 last June after just being in the oversold zone for just one day (what can be considered a strength sign). The RSI reading on Friday was 57.31. Parker-Hannifin price skyrocketed a 11.05% since RSI left the oversold zone

    PH stock RSI chart

    Parker-Hannifin stock price history

    Parker-Hannifin IPO was on Mar 17th, 1980 priced at $0.00 per share1. Since then, PH stock has risen by -, with an average of 0.00% per year. If you had invested thousand dollars in Parker-Hannifin stock on the IPO, it would worth $inf today.

    1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits

    PH stock price history chart

    Price target for Parker-Hannifin stock

    How much a stock will be priced tomorrow or next week is quite unpredictable. However, many stock price predictions are published every day by banks, financial institutions and independent analysts.

    The following table shows the price forecasts released by analysts in the last 30 days. Again, these forecasts are not direct recommendations for small investors and should not be trusted blindly.

    We don't have any target price published in the previous month for Parker-Hannifin.

    Earnings and financials

    Parker-Hannifin ($PH) will host the Q4 earnings call on Thursday. Wall Street expects of $4.34, compared to Q3 that was $4.11.

    Stocks presenting earnings often experience a much higher volatility in its price during after-hours trading and the session after. This extended trading range in price may imply that your stop-loss orders may become ineffective or may trigger far from your aimed price. Have a look company's website to confirm time and details on the earnings call and the earnings report.

    Parker-Hannifin Corporation ($PH) released quarterly earnings of $4.11 per share last April, slightly beating the analysts consensus estimate of $3.78 per share. This Q3 report means an earnings surprise of 8.73%. On the contrary, the company said revenue for this quarter was $3.7 billion consistent with the market estimates.

    In contrast, the EPS for the same quarter last year was $2.92, so posted EPS is a gain of 40.75%. Sales only moved on an annualized basis in the , from $37.0B to $37.5B last quarter.

    Parker-Hannifin performance

    PH performance compared
    Parker-Hannifin ($PH) 0.70% -1.20% 17.30%

    Please read:
    The viewpoints given in this article are personal and should not be followed as recommendations for you to buy or sell shares. The author of this text does not have any knowledge of the individual positions of the reader, his or her finances or his or her own best interests at any given time. All users should speak with their financial advisor before buying or selling any securities Thoughts are posted for learning purposes only

    Parker-Hannifin summary

    Friday, July 30th, 2021
    Day range$308 - $312.16
    Previous close$309.34
    Session gain0.87%
    Average true range$8.38
    50d mov avg$303.59
    100d mov avg$308.91
    200d mov avg$286.23
    Earnings dateAugust 5th, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Parker-Hannifin stock symbol?

    Parker-Hannifin Corporation is a public company trading in the US stock market with the PH symbol

    Is Parker-Hannifin stock a buy or sell?

    Parker-Hannifin had no ratings in the last 30 days Read the article to get additional tips on trading PH stock.

    Will PH go up?

    There were no predictions issued by analysts in the last month for Parker-Hannifin.