NLNK stock: buy or sell?

NLNK stock price: $1.50 -3.85% At close on June 26th, 2019

Updated on:
June 26th, 2019


Shares of NewLink Genetics ended today at $1.50 and collapsed a dreadful -3.85%.

NewLink Genetics Corporation, a biopharmaceutical company, focuses on discovering, developing, and commercializing immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer.

Should I buy NLNK stock?

Make a decision about when to buy or sell stocks is one of the hardest parts of being a trader or investor. Following a trading strategy helps to make decisions easier, quicker and with less hesitations. At, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best.

Currently, NewLink Genetics stock doesn't match any of these trading strategies, so our recommendation is not to buy.

Buy setupElegible
New all-time highNo
New 52 week highNo
Price crossing up 200d MANo
100d MA crossing up 200d MANo
This is not a selling recommendation at all, just it's not the best moment to buy if you follow any of these trading strategies.

Is NewLink Genetics stock a buy?

Everyday, hundreds of stock ratings are posted by financial analysts to indicate a particular stock's attractiveness. At, we found 1 rating published for NLNK stock in the last 30 days.

Is NLNK a good stock to buy?
DateAnalyst / BrokerPrevious ratingCurrent rating
2019-1-3Bank of AmericaNeutralUnderperform

NLNK stock analysis

Daily outlook

Shares of NewLink Genetics collapsed a dreadful -3.85% and closed at $1.50.

NewLink Genetics shares collapsed -3.85% to $1.50 today. NLNK is soaring again after a 8.54% correction from its last top on Jun/13 at $1.64. For the last 21 days when NLNK stock price broke down the SMA100d line, it slid $-0.31 per share (-17.13%).

NLNK stock chart (daily)

Weekly outlook

NewLink Genetics ended this week at $1.50 and fell a shocking -4.46%. Late May NLNK climbed an outstanding 16.93% in just one week. Early June NLNK collapsed a chilling -12.82% in just one week.

Since late May, when NLNK stock price broke down the 40-weeks moving avarage line, it slid $-0.39 per share (-20.63%). Trading stocks that are under the 40-weeks (that is, 200-days) moving average mark is not recommended by many experts, as it indicates that the stock has not enough institutional support.

NLNK stock chart (weekly)

NLNK stock price history

NLNK stock went public on November 11th, 2011 with a price of $7.001. Since then, NLNK stock declined a -78.60%, with a yearly average of -11.20%.

1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits.

NLNK stock historical price chart

NLNK stock reached 52-week highs at $5.24, and all-time highs 2015-04-09 with a price of 58.73.

NLNK stock price target

How much a stock will be priced tomorrow or next week is quite unpredictable However, many stock price predictions are published every day by banks, financial institutions and independent analysts. You should not follow the analysts' NLNK stock price predictions in the hope that they will be met as they may be wrong and not met. For the last month we have not detected any price prediction for NewLink Genetics stock by any trusted analyst.

Financials and fundamental analysis

Earnings date and Earnings per Share

NewLink Genetics disappointed experts on February when it posted an Earnings per Share (EPS) of $-0.28 when the analysts' forecast was $-0.34.
NLNK earnings date and EPS evolution
QuarterReporting dateEstimated EPSActual EPSSurprise

Annual financial results

In 2018, NewLink Genetics annual revenues plummed a chilling -56.55% to $12.47 M USD from $28.71 marked in 2017. When comparing 2018 vs 2017, similarly, profit margin (that is, the net income divided by revenues) plummed a -179.05% to -429.65%.

NLNK annual Sales and Income evolution
2013$1.09 M-$-31.18 M-2860.6%-
2014$173 M15,734.13%$103 M59.6%-429.88%
2015$69 M-60.31%$-40.38 M-58.9%-139.26%
2016$36 M-47.78%$-85.16 M-238.1%110.88%
2017$29 M-19.73%$-71.95 M-250.6%-15.51%
2018$12 M-56.55%$-53.60 M-429.7%-25.51%

Quarterly financial results

NewLink Genetics posted $0.20 M in revenues for 2018-Q4, a 68.33% improvement compared to previous quarter. Reported quarter income marked $-10.57 million with a profit margin of -5,232.18%. Profit margin rocketed a 936.99% compared to previous quarter when profit margin was -6,169.17%. When comparing sales to same quarter last year, NewLink Genetics sales marked a frightening correction and plunged a -98.00%.
NLNK quarterly Sales and Income evolution
2017-Q1$3 M-$-20.91 M-757.6%-
2017-Q2$10 M275.72%$-16.73 M-161.3%-19.99%
2017-Q3$5 M-47.14%$-20.63 M-376.2%23.29%
2017-Q4$10 M84.20%$-13.69 M-135.5%-33.65%
2018-Q1$10 M-1.96%$-18.31 M-184.9%33.79%
2018-Q2$2 M-77.25%$-17.31 M-768.8%-5.45%
2018-Q3$0 M-94.67%$-7.40 M-6169.2%-57.24%
2018-Q4$0 M68.33%$-10.57 M-5232.2%42.77%

NewLink Genetics ownership

When you are planning to invest in shares of a stock, it's worth to overview its ownership structure.

NewLink Genetics shares owned by insiders (that is, founders, CEO, CTO, main executives or other management staff) currently counts a 22.52% of all shares.

In case of NewLink Genetics stock, 34.73% of its shares are held by institutions (mutual funds, pension funds, big banks and other large financial institutions). Bearish positions for NLNK stock account 0.00%, no big difference from last month.

The following table compares ownership indicators for other stocks related to NewLink Genetics:

Market cap$55.9 M$73.7 B$377.3 B$102.5 B$286.8 M
Total shares37.3 M1,640.0 M2,660.0 M920.8 M36.8 M
Float shares26.1 M1,630.0 M2,650.0 M802.0 M15.8 M
  - Institutional holdings (%)34.7%75.0%69.2%81.5%72.6%
  - Insider holdings (%)22.5%0.1%0.1%0.1%12.8%
Shares in short selling0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%0.0%

NLNK summary

Wednesday, June 26th, 2019
Day range$1.49 - $1.57
Previous close$1.56
Session gain-3.85%
Average true range$0.09
50d mov avg$1.66
100d mov avg$1.71
200d mov avg$1.82
Daily patternlb01a
Weekly pattern

NewLink Genetics performance

Stocks performance is always measured in comparision to the market or competitors and related stocks in the same industry. We compared NewLink Genetics against Bristol-Myers Squibb, , Eli Lilly and, Molecular Templates, Pfizer, SIGA Technologies, Sarepta Therapeutics and Sinovac Biotech in the following table:
NLNKNewLink Genetics-22.28%2.74%-68.49%
BMYBristol-Myers Squ...-5.01%-10.34%-16.33%
LLYEli Lilly and-13.72%-1.43%33.33%
MTEMMolecular Templat...34.25%116.67%49.14%
SIGASIGA Technologies-10.32%-27.26%-9.26%
SRPTSarepta Therapeut...7.68%18.99%-2.91%
SVASinovac Biotech-10.14%2.54%-21.00%

NewLink Genetics competitors

One check before trading any stock is to review a list of its competitors, in this case for NewLink Genetics. We selected 8 companies as NewLink Genetics competitors as they are in the same industry or have similar market objectives.