Kimberly-Clark stock: buy or sell

KMB stock price: $131.29 -0.21% At close on Jan 15th, 2021

Updated on:
Jan 16th, 2021


Kimberly-Clark stock brief

  • Kimberly-Clark closed on Friday at $131.29 after slightly changing a -0.21%.
  • Kimberly-Clark is presenting its earnings report next Thursday
  • Looking at the chart, price is drawing an scaled downtrend since August 2020 with lower tops and lower bottoms. this downtrend marked a -16.82% loss(from its highs at $157.83).
  • Kimberly-Clark Corporation, together with its subsidiaries, manufactures and markets personal care and consumer tissue products worldwide.

Should I buy Kimberly-Clark stock?

Even if you are a experienced or a novel trader, best trading results come from using an investing strategy that never leaves to random or subjective opinions when is the best moment to buy or sell stocks. Trading strategies are meant for helping you in the decision process of what stocks to pick and when is the best moment to buy them. At, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best

Is $KMB stock a buy?

Currently, Kimberly-Clark stock doesn't match any of these trading strategies, so our recommendation is not to buy now. This doesn't mean we expect a selloff for $KMB in coming sessions, or that it may not climb higher. Simply, it doesn't match our recommended trading systems

Should I sell Kimberly-Clark stock?

When you own stock shares with some profit, it's really hard to decide the best moment to sell and get your benefits. Trading strategies help us to avoid impulsive decisions based on our feelings or the buzz surrounding the market. Our trading system selects very simple setups to guide us on when is a good time to sell a stock. Be aware that these setups should not be used for shorting Kimberly-Clark stock

A golden rule is that you should never keep a trading operation that produces higher than expected losses by the time of purchase. The timing to sell your stock always has to be dictated by the stop-loss (automatic or manual)

Is it time to sell Kimberly-Clark stock?

Currently, Kimberly-Clark stock doesn't match any of our preferred sell setups, so if you own Kimberly-Clark shares and your operation is in profit probably is not time to sell now

Kimberly-Clark ratings

In the last month we couldn't find any rating for Kimberly-Clark

Kimberly-Clark stock analysis

From a technical standpoint, Kimberly-Clark continues trending lower since August 2020, and has droppped a -16.82%. The stock drew 3 consecutive lower tops.

SMAs overview

KMB stock SMAs chart

Supports and resistances

The current resistance levels are:

  • R1: $131.83 (0.41% above)
  • R2: $132.97 (1.28% above)
  • R3: $134.03 (2.09% above)
  • The current support levels are:

  • S1: $131.27 (-0.02% below)
  • S2: $129.54 (-1.33% below)
  • S3: $127.46 (-2.92% below)
  • Bollinger bands

    The range between the upper and lower bands is 4.29%, indicating that volatility is at very low levels. Reduced volatility is often the antecedent to a sharp movement (up or down), so we must be alert and manage our buy or sell orders accordingly

    KMB stock Bollinger Bands chart

    Relative strength index

    The RSI crossed up the oversold line of 30 last November after just being in the oversold zone for a single day (what can be considered a strength signal). The RSI reading on Friday was 38.48

    KMB stock RSI chart

    Kimberly-Clark stock price history

    Kimberly-Clark went public on Mar 17th, 1980 at $0.00 per share1. Since then, KMB stock surged by -, with an average of 0.00% per year. An investment of $1,000USD on the IPO would worth $inf nowadays.

    1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits

    KMB stock price history chart

    Price target for Kimberly-Clark stock

    How much a stock will be priced tomorrow or next week is quite unpredictable. Banks and financial organisations publish their analysis predicting how a particular stock will performance in the future.

    Along with buy or sell recommendations, financial institutions release their price estimates based on the stock price action and the company fundamental data. Most of these predictions follow the release of new fundamental data by the company, and many times. If you are a small investor you don't have to invest based on these predictions.

    In the previous 30 days we couldn't find any price target posted for Kimberly-Clark stock.

    Earnings and financials

    Kimberly-Clark ($KMB) is releasing financial report next Thursday. Forecasted for this quarter is $1.61, compared to $1.72 that was reported for Q3.

    Financial call was hosted by Kimberly-Clark ($KMB) last October after releasing the earnings report. Experts were correct in their projections on Kimberly-Clark's which posted $1.72 per share. In the same way, reported sales of $4.7 billion were in line with consensus predictions.

    Same quarter last year, reported EPS was $1.84, so recently reported EPS means a reduction of -6.52%. Revenue merely moved on an annualized basis in the , from $46.4B to $46.8B last quarter.

    Kimberly-Clark competitors

    Kimberly-Clark belongs to the Household & Personal Products industry, which contain industry peers.

    The following are Kimberly-Clark major competitors:

    Kimberly-Clark competitors
    CompanyMarket capRatingBullish ratings1
    Kimberly-Clark ($KMB) $45.9B
    Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) $414.3B Neutral 0
    Procter & Gamble ($PG) $347.5B Strong buy 1
    Estee Lauder ($EL) $93.4B Neutral 0
    Colgate-Palmolive ($CL) $70.6B Neutral 0
    Clorox ($CLX) $24.9B Sell 0
    Edgewell Personal Care (EPC) $1.9B Neutral 0
    Clearwater Paper (CLW) $625.6M Neutral 0

    1 In the last 30 days.

    Kimberly-Clark performance

    To better understand Kimberly-Clark stock performance you must compare its gains with other related stocks in same sector or industry.. For Kimberly-Clark, the benchmark is made against Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, Colgate-Palmolive, Clorox, Edgewell Personal Care and Clearwater Paper.

    KMB performance compared
    Kimberly-Clark ($KMB) -3.60% -14.10% -7.80%
    Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) 6.70% 9.40% 8.20%
    Procter & Gamble ($PG) -1.40% -6.20% 8.70%
    Estee Lauder ($EL) -1.00% 11.70% 27.00%
    Colgate-Palmolive ($CL) -3.80% 2.80% 9.80%
    Clorox ($CLX) -2.70% -8.10% -12.50%
    Edgewell Personal Care (EPC) -6.80% 13.30% 12.30%
    Clearwater Paper (CLW) 3.60% 1.10% 7.70%

    The comments expressed in this post are personal and not recommendations for you to buy or sell shares. The author of this paper does not have an understanding of the specific circumstances of the reader, his or her finances or his or her own best interests at any given time. All users should speak with their financial advisor before buying or selling any securities Opinions are provided for educative motives only

    Kimberly-Clark summary

    Friday, January 15th, 2021
    Day range$130.02 - $131.88
    Previous close$131.57
    Session gain-0.21%
    Average true range$2.16
    50d mov avg$135.71
    100d mov avg$141.06
    200d mov avg$140.67
    Earnings dateJanuary 21st, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Kimberly-Clark stock symbol?

    Kimberly-Clark Corporation is a public company trading in the US stock market with the KMB symbol

    Is Kimberly-Clark stock a buy or sell?

    Kimberly-Clark had no ratings in the last 4 weeks Read the article to get additional tips on trading KMB stock.

    Will KMB go up?

    There were no forecasts published by market analysts in the last month for Kimberly-Clark.