Google stock: buy or sell?

GOOG stock price: $1,768.88 1.96% At close on Nov 24th, 2020

Updated on:
Nov 24th, 2020


Google stock brief

  • Google closed on Tuesday at $1,768.88 after rising a 1.96%.
  • Alphabet Inc. provides online advertising services in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific, Canada, and Latin America.

Should I buy Google stock?

All successful traders recommend adhering to a trading strategy and not make decisions based on subjective opinions, rumors or feelings. Trading strategies are meant for helping you in the decision process of what stocks to pick and when is the best moment to buy them. At, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best

Is $GOOG stock a buy?

Currently, Google stock matches one trading strategy:

ATH buy setup

All-time Highs is always an excellent buy point for those who like to buy high and sell higher. The good point of buying at ATHs is that shares price doesn't have upper resistances, and usually it scales quickly. However, you must always be aware of a possible bulls trap that may trigger your buy order and then falls sharply. That's why a stop loss is so important. Google can break to ATH any time soon, as it only needs to go up a 2.78%. Setup your buy order at $1,818.06 if you want to trade with this strategy. Set your stop-loss at $1,636.25

Buy setupBuy pointStop lossRisk
ATH buy setup$1,818.06$1,636.2510.00%

Should I sell Google stock?

When you own a stock with some profit, it's really difficult to decide the best moment to sell and get your profits. Trading strategies give us the ability us to avoid impetuous decisions based on our personal sentiments or the buzz that surrounds the market. When selling, as well as buying, our strategies are very simple to follow and are only applicable for selling stocks in your porfolio, not for selling short Google stock

A golden rule is that you should never keep a trade that leads to losses greater than those expected at the time of purchase. The timing to sell your stock always has to be ruled by the stop-loss (automatic or manual)

Is it time to sell Google stock?

Currently, Google stock doesn't match any of our preferred sell setups, so if you own Google stock and your operation is in profit probably is not time to sell now

Google ratings

In the last month, 13 analyst ratings were published for Google. General sentiment is bullish, with 12 out of 13 publishing optimistic forecasts

Google analysts' ratings - Last 30 days
Brokerage firmRating
Oct 30th, 2020
Barclays Buy
Credit Suisse Group Buy
Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft Strong buy
JPMorgan Chase & Co. Strong buy
Mizuho Strong buy
Oppenheimer Strong buy
Raymond James Buy
Robert W. Baird Neutral
Royal Bank of Canada Strong buy
The Goldman Sachs Group Strong buy
UBS Group Strong buy
Wedbush Buy
Nov 2nd, 2020
Canaccord Genuity Strong buy

Google stock analysis

SMAs overview

GOOG stock SMAs chart

Supports and resistances

Price is at highs and there are not upper resistance levels.

The current support levels are:

  • S1: $1,733.18 (-2.02% below)
  • S2: $1,642.36 (-7.15% below)
  • S3: $1,586.99 (-10.28% below)
  • Bollinger bands

    GOOG stock Bollinger Bands chart

    Relative strength index

    When the Relative Strength Indicator stays for so long below 70 and above 30, without signaling moments of overbought and oversold, the indicator turns out to be of little use, and we find ourselves in one of these cases.

    GOOG stock RSI chart

    Google stock price history

    Google went public priced at an adjusted price1 of $49.81 on Aug 2004. Since then, GOOG stock has risen by 3,451.25%, with an average of 215.70% per year. If you had invested $1,000USD in Google stock on Aug 2004, it would be valued $35,512.55 today.

    1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits

    GOOG stock price history chart

    Price target for Google stock

    How much a stock will be priced tomorrow or next week is quite unpredictable. However, many stock price forecasts are issued every day by banks, financial institutions and independent analysts.

    Along with buy or sell recommendations, brokerage institutions release their price forecasts based on the stock price action and the company fundamental data. Most of these forecasts follow the release of new fundamental data by the company, and usually. If you are a small investor you must not invest based on these price targets.

    Averaging all price targets exposed below, the estimated price for Google stock is $212.11. That is a 88.01% less than the last price ($1,768.88).

    Google stock price predictions
    Brokerage firmPrice target
    Oct 30th, 2020
    Barclays $1.00$1.00
    Credit Suisse Group $1.00$1.00
    Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft $2.00$2.00
    JPMorgan Chase & Co. Not available
    Mizuho $1.00$1.00
    Oppenheimer $1.00
    Raymond James $1.00$1.00
    Robert W. Baird $1.00$1.00
    Royal Bank of Canada Not available
    The Goldman Sachs Group Not available
    UBS Group Not available
    Wedbush $1.00$1.00
    Nov 2nd, 2020
    Canaccord Genuity $1,800.00$1,900.00

    Earnings and financials

    In late October, Alphabet Inc. ($GOOG) reported EPS for fiscal third-quarter that strongly beat Wall St. expectations. Quarterly EPS was $16.40 per share instead of $11.21. This quarterly report represents an earnings surprise of 46.30%. Sales resulted of $46.2 billion compared to $42.9 billion predicted by analysts.

    Same quarter last year, reported EPS was $10.12, so recently reported EPS is a gain of 62.06%. Revenue exploded a 14.01% on an annualized basis in the fiscal third-quarter, from $405.0B to $461.7B last quarter.

    Google ($GOOG) is releasing earnings report next February.

    Google competitors

    Google belongs to the Internet Content & Information industry, which contain 38 industry peers.

    The following are some of Google most relevant competitors:

    Google competitors
    CompanyMarket capRatingBullish ratings1
    Google ($GOOG) $1.2T Strong buy 12
    Google ($GOOGL) $1.2T Buy 9
    Facebook ($FB) $783.3B Buy 12
    Snap ($SNAP) $57.3B Strong buy 2
    Spotify ($SPOT) $49.3B Buy 2
    Twilio ($TWLO) $47.9B Buy 6
    Pinterest ($PINS) $38.5B Buy 9

    1 In the last 30 days.

    Google performance

    To better understand Google performance you must compare its gains with other related stocks in same sector or industry.. For Google, the benchmark is made against Google, Facebook, Snap, Spotify, Twilio and Pinterest.

    GOOG performance compared
    Google ($GOOG) 10.90% 7.00% 24.80%
    Google ($GOOGL) 11.00% 7.10% 24.20%
    Facebook ($FB) -5.20% -5.50% 19.70%
    Snap ($SNAP) 6.60% 106.00% 142.20%
    Spotify ($SPOT) -4.10% 0.00% 46.70%
    Twilio ($TWLO) -2.00% 18.80% 58.50%
    Pinterest ($PINS) 23.10% 92.50% 241.20%

    Important note:
    The thoughts written in this post are personal and should not be followed as recommendations for you to buy or sell stocks. The author of this text does not have an understanding of the particular scenarios of the reader, his or her financial statements or what is in his or her best interest at any given time. All users should speak with their financial advisor before buying or selling any securities Comments are provided for educative motives only

    Google summary

    Tuesday, November 24th, 2020
    Day range$1728.2 - $1771.6
    Previous close$1734.86
    Session gain1.96%
    Average true range$44.19
    50d mov avg$1,591.18
    100d mov avg$1,567.25
    200d mov avg$1,448.18
    Earnings dateFebruary 1st, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Google stock symbol?

    Alphabet Inc. is a public company trading in the US stock market with the GOOG symbol

    Is Google stock a buy or sell?

    Google received 13 ratings in the last 30 days: 12 bullish, 0 bearish and 1 neutral.

    Will GOOG go up?

    Google had different price predictions published by analysts in the last 4 weeks setting the target price to $212.11. That is a 88.01% less than the last price ($1,768.88).