DARE stock: buy or sell?

DARE stock price: $1.05 1.94% At close on May 22nd, 2020

Updated on:
May 22nd, 2020


Dare Bioscience shares rose 1.94% to $1.05 on Friday.

Daré Bioscience, Inc. develops and commercializes product for women's reproductive health, Ovaprene. The company was incorporated in 2015 and is based in La Jolla, California.

Should I buy DARE stock?

Trading stocks requires experience and discipline, and your buying and selling decisions must come following a methodology. Having a trading strategy helps to make decisions easier, quicker and with less hesitations. There are thousands of trading strategies for you to choose, but at Stocks2.com we prefer those that are simple but successful.

None of our preferred buy setups matches with Dare Bioscience stock situation right now, therefore this is not a suitable entry point.

Buy setupElegible
New all-time highNo
New 52 week highNo
Price crossing up 200d MANo
100d MA crossing up 200d MANo
This doesn't mean DARE will slide in coming sessions, or it will not rise higher. Simply, it doesn't match our recommended trading systems.

Is Dare Bioscience stock a buy?

Financial institutions and banks publish stock ratings everyday. Unfortunately, we couldn't detect any rating for DARE stock for the last month.

DARE stock analysis

Daily outlook

Shares of Dare Bioscience rose a fine 1.94% and closed at $1.05.

Shares of Dare Bioscience closed on Friday at $1.05 and rose a fine 1.94%. Since last Apr 13th when DARE stock price broke up the SMA200d line, it gained $0.15 (16.67%). Since SMA100d and SMA200d crossed up on January, DARE price slid a -38.24%.

DARE stock chart (daily)

Weekly outlook

After sliding a hair-raising -7.84% in a week by mid May, Dare Bioscience closed this week at $1.05 and jumped a great 2.94%. By mid April DARE boosted an exceptional 12.62% in just one week.

Since price and SMA40w lines crossed up by mid April, DARE climbed $0.15 (16.67%). Since SMA20w and SMA40w crossed up late January, DARE price slid a -36.75%.

DARE stock chart (weekly)

DARE stock price history

DARE IPO was on April 10th, 2014 at $71.00 per share1. Since then, DARE stock lost a -98.50%, with a yearly average of -16.40%.

1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits.

DARE stock historical price chart

DARE stock reached 52-week highs on January at $2.22, and all-time highs 2015-03-19 with a price of 108.7.

DARE stock price target

How much a stock will be priced tomorrow or next week is quite unpredictable However, banks and other financial institutions analysts, with the help of lots of data and algorithms do their best to predict the stock prices movement. The accuracy of these stock price predictions is not very high, and you should not blindly believe and make decisions only based on what this ratings or price target predictions say. For the last month we have not detected any price prediction for Dare Bioscience stock by any trusted analyst.

Financials and fundamental analysis

Earnings date and Earnings per Share

After publishing its last earnings report , Dare Bioscience . Unfortunately, reported EPS is not yet available in our database.
DARE earnings date and EPS evolution
QuarterReporting dateEstimated EPSActual EPSSurprise

Annual financial results

Compared to 2014, last anual revenues report draw an astounding growth of 857.50% to $0.77 M USD. Likewise, its earnings margin (compared to revenues) boosted to -5,131.20%, that is $-39.31 million.

DARE annual Sales and Income evolution
2013$6.00 M-$0.00 M0.0%-
2014$0.08 M-98.67%$-23.34 M-29177.5%0.00%
2016$0.77 M857.50%$-39.31 M-5131.2%68.39%

Quarterly financial results

Reported quarter earnings marked $-2.92 million with a profit margin of . Profit margin remained constant a 0.00% compared to previous quarter when profit margin was inf%. When comparing sales to same quarter last year, Dare Bioscience sales marked a neutral movement and remained steady a nan%. Looking back to recent quarterly results, Dare Bioscience posted 7 negative quarters in a row.
DARE quarterly Sales and Income evolution
2017-Q1$1,192.00 M-$0.00 M0.0%-
2017-Q2$642.00 M-46.14%$0.00 M0.0%0.00%

Dare Bioscience ownership

When you are planning to invest in a stock, it's worth to check its ownership structure.

Management staff in all public traded companies that hold equity is required to report every transaction to the SEC. For Dare Bioscience, 12.65% of all outstanding shares are owned by its staff.

In case of Dare Bioscience stock, 3.72% of its shares are held by institutions (mutual funds, pension funds, big banks and other large financial institutions). Bearish positions for DARE stock account 0.00%, no big difference from last month.

For a better context understanding, the next table shows ownership data compared to other related companies:

Market cap$28.0 M
Total shares26.7 M
Float shares23.9 M
  - Institutional holdings (%)3.7%
  - Insider holdings (%)12.7%
Shares in short selling0.0%

DARE summary

Friday, May 22nd, 2020
Day range$1.03 - $1.05
Previous close$1.03
Session gain1.94%
Average true range$0.05
50d mov avg$0.97
100d mov avg$1.08
200d mov avg$0.94
Daily patternlt03a
Weekly pattern lt03a

Dare Bioscience performance

Performance as an absolute value is never valid if it's not benchmarked against competitors or related stocks in the industry. We selected as the bechmarking frame for Dare Bioscience stock.
DAREDare Bioscience-11.02%28.05%20.69%

Dare Bioscience competitors

Unfortunately, we could not find any public company that could be defined as Dare Bioscience competitor. This doesn't mean Dare Bioscience does not have any competitor in the market, it's just we could not detected it.