CSQ stock: buy or sell?

CSQ stock price: $14.89 0.27% At close on Nov 25th, 2020

Updated on:
Nov 26th, 2020


CSQ stock brief

  • After reaching new highs on Wednesday, Calamos Strategic Total Return closed at $14.89 slightly moving a 0.27%
  • , Calamos Strategic Total Return released its earnings report

Should I buy Calamos Strategic Total Return stock?

All successful traders recommend adhering to a trading strategy and not make decisions based on subjective opinions, rumors or feelings. Trading strategies are meant for helping you in the decision process of what stocks to pick and when is the best moment to buy them. At Stocks2.com, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best

Is $CSQ stock a buy?

In the current situation of Calamos Strategic Total Return there is just one buy setup eligible:

Uptrend buy setup

Calamos Strategic Total Return stock is in an uptrend since last March that so far marked a gorgeous 155.00% gain. Price marked a local bottom in this uptrend at $12.61 in late October, and since then it bounced off a 18.08%. Price just broke out above the buy point at $14.26, but it can be traded. If price goes beyond $14.97, it would be better to wait to another pullback. If you decide to enter this trade, the suggested stop loss is at $12.83

Buy setupBuy pointStop lossRisk
Uptrend buy setup$14.26$12.8310.00%

Should I sell Calamos Strategic Total Return stock?

When you own stock shares with some profit, it's really hard to decide the good moment to sell and get your benefits. Trading strategies prevent us from making impulsive decisions based on our sentiments or the noise surrounding the market. When selling, as well as buying, our setups are very easy to follow and are only applicable for selling stocks in your porfolio, not for shorting $CSQ stock

As a golden rule, you should not mantain a trade that generates higher than expected losses by the time of the buy. The timing to sell shares must always be ruled by the stop-loss (automatic or manual)

Is it time to sell Calamos Strategic Total Return stock?

Currently, Calamos Strategic Total Return stock doesn't match any of our preferred sell setups, so if you own Calamos Strategic Total Return stock and your operation is in profit probably is not time to sell now

Calamos Strategic Total Return ratings

We don't have any rating posted in the last month for Calamos Strategic Total Return

Calamos Strategic Total Return stock analysis

Calamos Strategic Total Return stock started an uptrend last March, and gained an amazing 154.53%. The price shows higher peaks and higher troughs, and along the way provided some entry points for those who wanted to invest. Latest low was in late October, when price bounced at $12.61. Calamos Strategic Total Return broke out above $14.26 (its last top) on November 13. That breakout was a good buying opportunity

$CSQ at Highs

Calamos Strategic Total Return did it again, and marked new all-time highs (ATH) on Wednesday at $14.97. Stock smashed new all-time highs 7 times in the last 10 sessions

SMAs overview

CSQ stock SMAs chart

Supports and resistances

Price is at all-time highs and there are not upper resistances.

The current supports are:

  • S1: $14.26 (-4.23% below)
  • S2: $14.16 (-4.90% below)
  • S3: $13.75 (-7.66% below)
  • Bollinger bands

    The price is trading very close to the upper Bollinger band, signaling some level of overbought in recent sessions. This is not a bearish indicator, as price can trade in these levels for many days and weeks

    CSQ stock Bollinger Bands chart

    Relative strength index

    The RSI has been between the the levels of 30 and 70 for many weeks, and therefore, without this indicator really helping us to make any decisions.

    CSQ stock RSI chart

    Calamos Strategic Total Return stock price history

    Calamos Strategic Total Return IPO was on Apr 1st, 2004 priced at $3.60 per share1. Since then, CSQ stock surged by 313.61%, with an average of 19.60% per year. An investment of $1,000USD on the IPO would have a value of $4,136.11 today.

    1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits

    CSQ stock price history chart

    Price target for Calamos Strategic Total Return stock

    Nobody can predict how much a stock will be priced in the future. However, many stock price forecasts are issued every day by banks, financial institutions and independent analysts.

    The following table shows the price forecasts posted by brokerage institutions over the last 30 days. Again, these predictions are not direct recommendations for individual traders and should not be trusted blindly.

    In the previous month we couldn't find any price target published for Calamos Strategic Total Return stock.

    Earnings and financials

    , Calamos Strategic Total Return ($CSQ) hosted the quarterly financial event and presented the report.

    CSQ ($CSQ) posts quarterly financial report.

    Stocks releasing earnings often experience a much higher volatility in its price during after-hours trading and the session after. This volatility may imply that your stop-loss orders may become ineffective or may trigger far from your aimed price.

    Calamos Strategic Total Return competitors

    Calamos Strategic Total Return is part of the industry, which contain 46 industry peers.

    Calamos Strategic Total Return biggest competitors are:

    Calamos Strategic Total Return competitors
    CompanyMarket capRatingBullish ratings1
    Calamos Strategic Total Return ($CSQ) $2.2B
    BlackRock ($BLK) $100.6B Strong buy 1
    Brookfield Asset Management ($BAM) $56.1B Strong buy 2
    The Blackstone Group ($BX) $40.0B Buy 1
    T. Rowe Price ($TROW) $32.6B Neutral 0
    Bank of New York Mellon ($BK) $30.4B Neutral 1
    KKR ($KKR) $21.4B Neutral 0

    1 In the last 30 days.

    Calamos Strategic Total Return performance

    To better understand Calamos Strategic Total Return performance you must compare its gains with other related stocks in same sector or industry.. For Calamos Strategic Total Return, the benchmark is made against BlackRock, Brookfield Asset Management, The Blackstone Group, T. Rowe Price, Bank of New York Mellon and KKR.

    CSQ performance compared
    Calamos Strategic Total Return ($CSQ) 12.90% 7.40% 27.40%
    BlackRock ($BLK) 16.70% 18.80% 35.00%
    Brookfield Asset Management ($BAM) 33.40% 19.40% 32.30%
    The Blackstone Group ($BX) 20.10% 13.70% 8.50%
    T. Rowe Price ($TROW) 3.90% 5.50% 20.60%
    Bank of New York Mellon ($BK) 15.70% 7.90% 9.90%
    KKR ($KKR) 11.40% 11.50% 40.10%

    Important note:
    The opinions expressed in this article are personal and should not be followed as recommendations for you to buy or sell stocks. The author of this report does not know the particular scenarios of the reader, his or her finances or his or her own best interests at any given time. All users should speak with their financial advisor before buying or selling any securities Opinions are published for informational purposes only

    CSQ summary

    Wednesday, November 25th, 2020
    Day range$14.86 - $14.97
    Previous close$14.85
    Session gain0.27%
    Average true range$0.33
    50d mov avg$13.68
    100d mov avg$13.46
    200d mov avg$12.20
    Earnings dateDecember 31st, 1969

    Frequently asked questions

    What is Calamos Strategic Total Return stock symbol?

    Calamos Strategic Total Return Fund is a public company trading in the US stock market with the CSQ symbol

    Is Calamos Strategic Total Return stock a buy or sell?

    Calamos Strategic Total Return had no ratings in the last 30 days Read the article to get additional tips on trading CSQ stock.

    Will CSQ go up?

    There were no predictions posted by market analysts in the last 30 days for Calamos Strategic Total Return.