COLL stock: buy or sell?

COLL stock price: $18.12 -0.93% At close on November 15th, 2019

Updated on:
November 15th, 2019


Shares of Collegium Pharmaceutical declined an ugly -0.93% and closed at $18.12. On Nov/8 COLL boosted a super good 9.82%. On Monday COLL plummed a scary -5.05%.

Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company, develops and commercializes abuse-deterrent products that incorporate its DETERx platform technology for the treatment of chronic pain and other diseases.

Should I buy COLL stock?

Even if you are a experienced or a novel trader, best trading results come from using an investing strategy that never leaves to random or subjective opinions when is the best moment to buy or sell stocks. That's why is so important to define your own trading strategy that matches with your character as inversor. At, we like to use very simple but trusted and powerful trend following trading strategies. Simple things usually work the best.

None of our preferred buy setups matches with Collegium Pharmaceutical stock situation right now, hence this is not a suitable entry point.

Buy setupElegible
New all-time highNo
New 52 week highNo
Price crossing up 200d MANo
100d MA crossing up 200d MANo
This is not a selling recommendation at all, just it's not the best moment to buy if you follow any of these trading strategies.

Is Collegium Pharmaceutical stock a buy?

Everyday, hundreds of stock ratings are posted by financial analysts to indicate a particular stock's attractiveness. At, we collected 6 ratings published for COLL stock in the last month.

The general sentiment of these ratings is bullish for COLL stock, with 6 positive ratings.
Is COLL a good stock to buy?
DateAnalyst / BrokerPrevious ratingCurrent rating
2019-8-8Cantor FitzgeraldPositiveOverweight
2019-4-5Cantor Fitzgeraldn/aBuy
2019-3-22Cantor Fitzgeraldn/aBuy
2019-3-19SunTrust Banksn/aBuy
2019-2-8Cantor Fitzgeraldn/aBuy
2019-2-22Cantor Fitzgeraldn/aBuy

COLL stock analysis

Daily outlook

Collegium Pharmaceutical shares declined -0.93% to $18.12 yesterday.

Shares of Collegium Pharmaceutical closed yesterday at $18.12 and declined an ugly -0.93%. Since price and SMA200d lines crossed up on Nov/4, COLL climbed $5.27 (41.01%). From a daily outlook perspective, COLL is drawing an uptrend of rising tops and rising bottoms. Since its last top on Nov/8 at $19.99, price slid and found support around $17.70. Breaking down under $17.70 would cancel the current uptrend and it might slide further to test lower supports. Note that $19.99 might act as a resistance line. Trading the long side, we should wait to a new breakout over $19.99 to find the next buy point. On Oct/25, SMA50d and SMA100d crossed up triggering a rise of 49.26%.

COLL stock chart (daily)

Weekly outlook

After boosting a super good 35.62% in a week last week, Collegium Pharmaceutical closed this week at $18.12 and plummed a bloodcurdling -9.22%.

In a weekly time frame, Collegium Pharmaceutical stock is drawing an uptrend with rising tops and bottoms. Now trading in between its last bottom and last top, COLL might consolidate in a flat-base, waiting to break out over or down under . Since price and SMA40w lines crossed up last week, COLL climbed $5.27 (41.01%). Since SMA10d and SMA20w crossed up late October, COLL price climbed $6.56 per share (56.75%).

COLL stock chart (weekly)

COLL stock price history

COLL stock went public on May 7th, 2015 with a price of $12.001. Since then, COLL stock grew a 51.00%, with an average of 12.80% per year. If you had invested right after COLL's IPO a $1,000 in COLL stock in 2015, it would worth $510.00 today.

1: Adjusted price after possible price splits or reverse-splits.

COLL stock historical price chart

COLL stock reached 52-week highs on November/8 at $19.99, and all-time highs 2015-12-30 with a price of 30.58.

COLL stock price target is $32.80

Predicting the price evolution of a stock or any financial instrument in a reliable and repeatable way is probably impossible. However, many stock price predictions are published every day by banks, financial institutions and independent analysts. You should not follow the analysts' COLL stock price predictions in the hope that they will be met as they may be wrong and not met. For the last month we found 5 price targets for COLL stock:
COLL stock price predictions
DateAnalyst / BrokerActionPrevious targetCurrent targetDiff
2019-8-8Cantor FitzgeraldReiterates$35.00$24.00-31.4%
2019-4-5Cantor FitzgeraldSet Price Targetn/a$35.00-
2019-3-22Cantor FitzgeraldSet Price Targetn/a$35.00-
2019-2-8Cantor FitzgeraldSet Price Targetn/a$35.00-
2019-2-22Cantor FitzgeraldReiteratesn/a$35.00-
(in average)$35.00$32.80-6.0%
The price target for Collegium Pharmaceutical stock is $32.80, moving in a range between $35.00 and $24.00. In average, analysts' outlook on COLL price forecast is negative, downgrading the prediction by a -6.00% from previous estimations.

Financials and fundamental analysis

Earnings date and Earnings per Share

Since last February, when Collegium Pharmaceutical published its last earnings report, it . Unfortunately, reported EPS is not yet available in our database.
COLL earnings date and EPS evolution
QuarterReporting dateEstimated EPSActual EPSSurprise

Annual financial results

In 2018, Collegium Pharmaceutical annual sales skyrocketed an extraordinary 884.73% to $280.41 million dollars from $28.48 marked in 2017. When comparing 2018 vs 2017, similarly, profit margin (that is, the net income divided by revenues) rocketed a 248.95% to -13.95%.

COLL annual Sales and Income evolution
2016$1.71 M-$-94.18 M-5504.1%-
2017$28 M1,564.29%$-74.87 M-262.9%-20.51%
2018$280 M884.73%$-39.13 M-14.0%-47.74%

Quarterly financial results

Collegium Pharmaceutical reported $73.43 million in revenues for 2018-Q4, a 4.63% up compared to previous quarter. Reported quarter income marked $9.09 million with a profit margin of 12.37%. Profit margin climbed a 35.89% compared to previous quarter when profit margin was -23.52%. When comparing sales to same quarter last year, Collegium Pharmaceutical sales marked a super good gain and rocketed a 580.26%.
COLL quarterly Sales and Income evolution
2017-Q1$2 M-$-23.08 M-1063.6%-
2017-Q2$4 M64.06%$-21.12 M-593.3%-8.49%
2017-Q3$12 M235.67%$-13.26 M-111.0%-37.20%
2017-Q4$11 M-9.67%$-17.40 M-161.2%31.21%
2018-Q1$64 M490.60%$-18.65 M-29.3%7.18%
2018-Q2$73 M14.61%$-13.06 M-17.9%-29.98%
2018-Q3$70 M-3.95%$-16.50 M-23.5%26.36%
2018-Q4$73 M4.63%$9.09 M12.4%-155.06%

Collegium Pharmaceutical ownership

When you are planning to invest in a company, it's worth to overview its ownership structure.

Management staff in all public traded companies that hold equity is required to report every transaction to the SEC. For Collegium Pharmaceutical, 4.07% of all outstanding shares are owned by its staff.

Bearish positions for COLL stock account 0.00%, no big difference from last month.

The following table compares ownership indicators for other stocks related to Collegium Pharmaceutical:

Market cap$607.6 M$5.7 B$4.0 B
Total shares33.5 M187.3 M43.9 M
Float shares31.1 M184.9 M40.1 M
  - Institutional holdings (%)110.0%82.7%101.7%
  - Insider holdings (%)4.1%1.2%1.8%
Shares in short selling0.0%0.0%0.0%

COLL summary

Friday, November 15th, 2019
Day range$18.08 - $18.89
Previous close$18.29
Session gain-0.93%
Average true range$1.28
50d mov avg$12.85
100d mov avg$12.12
200d mov avg$13.27
Daily patternlb03a
Weekly pattern lt06a

Collegium Pharmaceutical performance

To measure stock performance is always good to compare with competitors or related stocks. We compared Collegium Pharmaceutical against Horizon Pharma and United Therapeutics in the following table:
COLLCollegium Pharmac...57.29%44.84%4.26%
HZNPHorizon Pharma12.07%17.15%38.43%
UTHRUnited Therapeuti...11.13%-0.24%-25.57%

Collegium Pharmaceutical competitors

Creating a list of competitors for Collegium Pharmaceutical it's not an easy task. We selected 2 public companies that are related to and can be considered as competitors of Collegium Pharmaceutical: